Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Relationship and Why it is Important


     God intended us to live out our faith in community. In community we are known and also get to be 
in relationship with others who will tell us the truth when we get lost. They will call us back when we 
wander away. They will speak into our lives and that investment is how the Body of Christ is supposed to work. 
Relationships of commitment are vital to growing in our Christian life and our walk with Jesus.

     I can't hide in relationship. I must learn to be vulnerable so people can figure out how to love me 
in the midst of my junk. That is the beauty of an environment of grace. It allows us to love each other 
no matter what is revealed in the midst of relationship. It allows us to look beyond the junk and choose 
to love each other. What if there truly was a place where the worst of us could be known and we would 
be loved all the more? What if by choosing to submit - trust others with us and let them minister to us in 
the midst of our stuff, and in doing that I got healed and free from the shame, guilt, and hopelessness that 
comes with our sin.? Would we not want that? I do! I need it and as I submit to the strengths of those 
around me I benefit and God uses it to bring me back into the light and out of my darkness. 

      Also in relationship, my brothers and sisters can remind me of who they know me to be and who I 
really am and then I get healthy and God can use me in my strengths and my gifts are freed to be a benefit 
to the body of Christ. We are meant for this. This is how God designed the Body of Christ - the church. 
We are to minister to each other and help each other out of our brokenness and shame and guilt and back 
into faith and trusting what is true about us. Then we begin to live out of our identity in Christ and trust in 
Him and His provision and His ability to free us from our sin and junk, and the whole body benefits and 
God is glorified and Christ is honored and blessed by our faith and example to the world of what it is to 
live in Christ and out of who He made us to be by His work on the cross.

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