Friday, November 29, 2013



I dreamt I was in heaven and I saw Jesus. I bowed before Him and He lifted me up and said “You don’t have to bow to me. I know what you have done and what it cost you to share the truth about me and what I did to bring salvation to the world.” He also said that “He knew everything about me and my life and knew the pain and the disappointments that I had known and knew how much I had suffered in serving Him.”

Then I saw my family - my Sister, my Brother, my Dad, and my Aunts and Uncles. They were all there to meet me. I am convinced that Jesus made sure they would be there to greet me, and for me to be able to celebrate with them the wonder of heaven and to be able to see them and hug them and tell them how much it meant for me to be able to see them now that I was there.

Jesus also said the words I have longed to hear all my life -”Well done my good and faithful servant”. 

I also was given a crown which I laid at Jesus feet. I wanted Him to know that any glory I was given all belonged to Him. He was the one who chose to die for me and my sin and to rise again the third day. His love and mercy and grace were what bought me forgiveness. He was the one whose name I will proclaim forever. His is the only name that matters. Jesus was the one who bought me new life and paid a dear price to do it. I wanted Him to know that whatever I did I did for Him and because of my love for Him. He is everything to me and to get to see Him and talk to Him was beyond my wildest dreams. I was looking at the face of my Savior and the only one I care about. To actually be there and see Him and talk to Him and have Him tell me “Well done my Good and faithful servant” was all I would ever have hoped for and all I have ever wanted. 

I woke up and was totally amazed that I had had this dream. I shared it with Linda and I am convinced God was giving me a glimpse of what awaits me one day when He calls me home - whenever that might be. I also know that having experienced this in a dream, I can’t wait for the real thing. I know it will be amazing to actually be there and see heaven and my family and Christ in all His glory. To know I am home and I will live eternity with Jesus and in heaven. That is my wish and my hope and what I long for more than anything else - HOME. HEAVEN.

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