Friday, November 29, 2013



I dreamt again that I was in heaven and I saw Jesus. I bowed to Him and He lifted me up and said again - you don’t have to do that. I know what you have done for me. I know every song you ever sang and everything you shared about your faith. I know how much you sacrificed for me and I also know that you have loved me unconditionally just as I have loved you. You are home now and you never have to bow to me. What you have done in your life is all the worship you need to give. I saw it all and I know everywhere you went and how much you sacrificed to share your faith and my story. I am proud of you and again He said “Well done my good and faithful servant”. 

He also told me that I had no idea how many people there were waiting for me to get there. How many people were there because I was willing to share my story and the reality of new life in Christ. They were anxious to meet me and tell me how much it meant to them that I had shared the truth of God’s love displayed in His Son.

I then asked Him “Where are they?” At that point He took my hand and said “come with me, I will show you.” Sure enough not far from where I had been standing with Jesus was a crowd of people waiting to share with me how much it meant to them that I would come and share Jesus with them, and that they would not have been there without my having come to tell them the Gospel and the story of the cross and why Jesus died there. 

At that point I was undone. I looked at Jesus and I said “You know that You were the reason I did all of this. I had to tell people about what you had done for me and what you could do for them.” 

Jesus looked at me again and said yes I know that I was your reason. I also know that these people wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you. I then said but I was just a messenger. I didn’t die on a cross or suffer hell or watch my father turn His face away. You did that and You chose to give everything to set us free from the condemnation that was ours because of sin. And you did it for love. Your love was so deep and rich that you had to do this. 

Then Jesus quoted a line from one of my songs to me - “Love could do no less”.

At that point I said You know the words to my songs? 

Jesus answered I was there with you and in you every time you sang a concert. I also was in you when you wrote the songs. Where do you think the thoughts came from - they came from me and my spirit in you. They were from me and they were the outgrowth of having me live in and through you. I know everything you ever wrote - songs, articles, messages. I still live in you even here and that will never change. I will always be your inspiration and whisper truth to you when everything else is trying to shout don’t listen.  Nothing can separate you from me and my love. There is nothing in all of creation that can separate us ever, because I am God and I am the one who made everything and I alone rule it. We are bound together and nothing can separate us ever!

So come now and enter my rest. I have prepared a place for you and everything in my kingdom is yours. Whatever you want is yours and I will meet your every need and will show you greater things than you have ever seen. This I promise and you can trust me, I am the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega. You have been faithful in little and I will make you faithful over much more. You have proven yourself a worthy servant and a man of faith and love and that is what I will build on. Your faith is all I need to shape you and make you into a new creature that can abide my kingdom and my glory.

Whatever you want in my kingdom is free because I have covered the cost. It is all added to my account and I am good for it. I will always be here to talk with you and to you anytime you want. We have all of eternity to meet and talk and for you to get to know me and for me to get to know you. I will show you who I am and what I can do and give you the life you have always dreamed of in my kingdom. Nothing is kept from you and you can go anywhere you choose in my kingdom because it was made by me for you and all those who have come to be here with me. Here you will know what it is to be fully whole and substantial and be able to live in my glory and see my face. I have made you new and whole and complete. You are a new creature that is fully fit for my kingdom and can abide heaven and all of it’s glory because you are fully made complete and substantial.

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