Sunday, April 14, 2013


                             The whole of Scripture is God's story of love, grace, and redemption
        God is telling us what He is doing and will do to redeem His fallen creation as well as man.

by Randy Thompson
   my latest song

Do you understand the story God's about to tell
He left His home in glory to come to earth to dwell
Here among us as a man of flesh and blood like me.
Jesus came to finally set us free

     Jesus gave up everything to show His love to me
     Knowing in the end His death would finally set us free
     Every step upon this earth He knew would lead Him to the cross
     Where love would win and death would be defeated

He traded a crown of glory for a crown of cruel thorns
He gave up a throne in heaven for the cross that He bore
To the hill where nailed upon the tree He knew He had to die
Knowing in the end His death would bring us all eternal life

     I will forever worship Him my Savior and my King
     For loving me enough to suffer hell eternally
     And watch His Father turn His face away in the final moment
     And do it all because there was no other way
     This is the price that Jesus Had to pay

I stand amazed at the love that Jesus showed
I stand in awe of His willingness to suffer and to go
To the cross for you and me and all who would believe
So we could live with Him eternally

     There is no greater story in the world that can be told
     I will tell it with my dying breath as Jesus takes me home
     With every ounce of life I will proclaim His matchless love
     And stand before knowing that He knows
     Jesus knows
     And all that really matters is that He knows

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