Monday, April 8, 2013


Trust Him with your life, Trust Him with His plans for your life. 
Trust that He can accomplish what He set out to do and Trust His love, power, forgiveness and His righteousness. 
                                     The Christian life can be defined in one word - TRUST!
Trust is crucial because with out it we cannot experience love, learn truth, and walk in His righteousness. If you want to ravish God’s heart, tell Him you Trust Him. Only then can you experience His love and His perfect plan for your life. Trust is everything. It is the first step in experiencing all God has for us. It is the key that opens the door to all His gifts and His love and His power. It allows us to grow in wisdom and knowledge.   
He wants our Trust more than our love. He wants us to die to ourselves so He can give us new life. I can only truly know God and all He as for me when I choose to Trust Him with it all. It also sets us free. When He sets us free, we are free indeed. I want to be free and to know Him and His grace and love and power and His forgiveness, so I choose to Trust. I am fully in for the journey of a lifetime. I am wanting all He has for me and all He wants to show me, the trials, the joys, everything. I will follow Jesus no matter what comes and I will never stop. Jesus was willing to die for me and suffer Hell so I could know life. He was willing to drink the cup God placed before Him knowing that it would save us and allow us to know life abundant and eternal with Him.

Trust is faith being lived out and allows me to know His love, His forgiveness, and His never ending joy in seeing me being made over in the image of His Son. God is never more pleased with me than when I choose to Trust Him in everything I experience and go through while in this foreign place. I will forever trust Him.

                                      A Song I wrote about Trust

                                                                Trust in You
                             Your ways oh God are a mystery, And my life is a history                            
                             Of trying to unravel them and never knowing how                             
                             And only now I’ve come to see It’s far beyond my ability to understand                             
                             What no one can until we fall into Your hands and choose

                                 To trust in You,  I will trust in You                                  
                                  There is no better way for me to touch Your heart oh! Father                                  
                                  But in trusting You,  I will trust in You                                  
                                  It’s all I have to offer and it’s all You ever wanted                                  
                                  Was my trust in You.......

                            In the darkness that is all around, when I can’t find the solid ground                               
                            When I’m bloodied and I’m broken And my hope is all but gone                               
                            And I can’t see the way to go, and I can’t hear you anymore                               
                            And I can’t feel You deep inside, and I’m longing for Your presence                                 
                            It is then that I’m reminded that You never go away

                                  So I will trust in You,  I will trust in You                                   
                                   There is no better way for me to touch Your heart oh! Father                                   
                                   But in trusting You,  I will trust in You                                   
                                   It’s all I have to offer and it’s all You ever wanted                                   
                                   Was my trust in You

                           Your love is always here with me You promised it would always be                               
                           And only now I’ve come to see that the only way I’ll know it is in

                                  Trusting in You,  I will trust in You                                   
                                   There is no better way for me to touch Your heart oh! Father                                   
                                   But in trusting You,  I will trust in You                                   
                                   It’s all I have to offer and it’s all You ever wanted                                   
                                   Was my trust in You, trust in You
Will you trust Him?
Will you serve Him out of that trust?
Will you sacrifice for Him because You trust Him?
Will You lay down Your life for Him?
If you choose to do this, then He will give you a life you have never known
and others will follow and give their lives to Him.
He is worthy of our trust and He is fully capable of giving us 
the life we can only dream of.
He is waiting and anxious to prove Himself as we trust Him!

There is no greater gift you can give God than your trust. 
And He will honor it by proving Himself trustworthy and showing you things 
more wonderful than you can imagine. 

He is ready and waiting and willing to show you a life beyond your wildest dreams.

The Hobbit
   One of my all time favorite stories
 I am reminded at this point of Bilbo Baggins in the Hobbit.
He was forced to go on an adventure that would take him to places
 far beyond the shire,
And Hobbits don't like adventures!
He would experience things that he had never known existed. 
All along the journey he just wanted to be back home in his Hobbit hole,   
with his favorite pipe and his favorite chair and his fire and reading his favorite book.
But at the same time Bilbo began to find out that he was much more than he had ever 
thought he was capable of being. 
He was brave and resourceful and surprised by his own abilities. 

Upon returning home to the shire after  finding the magic ring, defeating Smog the dragon,
and helping the dwarves reclaim their homeland he realized that he would never be the same. 
He would never be satisfied with the life he had had before the adventure. 
He had seen too much and learned too much about himself to ever be satisfied with his old life. 
He was changed forever because of the journey.

I can say that I know this to be true for myself. I have seen too much and 
learned too much about myself on my journey to ever be satisfied with a lesser life.
I want the adventure, and to discover who I really am and what I am capable of as 
I trust Christ with me.
                                                                          The adventure awaits and it is calling you. 
                                                       Jesus is asking us to follow Him, and on the journey we too will
                                                       learn about ourselves and what we are capable of when we trust 
                                                      and choose to be courageous, and never take our eyes off of Him.
                                                             And we will never be satisfied with anything else having
                                                    walked with our creator, King and Savior. It will change us and we
                                                 will forever long for the journey which changes us and allows us to see
                                                          who we really are and what we can do when we trust Him.
                                                     So now is the time to take up your cross and follow Jesus and see
                                                                                      what life is really all about.

                                                                        It's about a life that only Jesus can give you!
                                               So don't wait - follow Jesus on the greatest adventure you could imagine.
                                                                                You won't be sorry - I promise!
                                                                The truth is - Jesus promises that we won't be sorry
                                                                                        and He can be trusted.
                                                                            The adventure awaits - don't miss it!


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