Friday, April 12, 2013


All I know is I’m not home yet. This is not where I belong. 
You can take the world, just give me Jesus. 
In that day I will be complete and whole and satisfied. 
Until the day He takes me home I will look for His return 
and I will sing His praises and shout His glory to the heavens 
and give my life fully and completely to the work of lifting 
Him up for the world to see.

There is no other way I can live and know that I have 
run my race and completed my journey to His saving love 
and the kingdom that awaits me. 
I want to stand before Jesus on that day and know that He knows I gave it all, 
held nothing back, gave no ground, and never stopped using my gifts and talents for Him. 
I want Him to know that He was the one I always had in view in everything I did - 
singing, leading worship, writing articles, giving messages, 
and whatever else I have had the privilege of doing. 
If He knows that, then I will have lived my life to it’s fullest 
and I will be able to stand before Him knowing I gave everything. 
He has always been the one I wanted to please 
and for Him to know that I sang about Him and His work in and through me. 
I want Him to know that His love was always my motivation and because 
He loved me I could love others the same way.

So I ask you now. 
Are you willing to take up your cross and follow Jesus? 
It will be the greatest journey you will ever go on and you will never be the same again. 
It will change you. 
You will learn more about yourself than you can imagine, 
and you will never be satisfied with anything else ever again. 
Once you have tasted of His goodness and His power and His love and grace
you will be forever changed by it. 
It will define you and the world will know that you are different 
for having trusted Jesus. 

This I know to be true - Life lived for Christ is a life
fully lived and a life that I can present to Him on that day when I enter His presence
and know that I have completed my journey and honored Him
in all I did and I will know He knows and if Jesus knows- 
that is all that matters.

So come, give your life away to Jesus and to those around you.
Take the journey, and discover who you really are. 
Let Him define you and let Him renew and restore you.
The Adventure awaits - don't miss it!

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